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The budgie is one of the birds that has many distinctive mutations in the bird world, despite its rare appearance in nature, they’re in the wild are yellow and green.

But today in domesticated budgies there are far more than 100 colour varieties and also birds of different size and build.

One such extremely rare mutation is what is known as the Feather Duster Budgies.

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The budgie is one of the ornamental birds that bring pleasure and joy to the hearts of viewers.

Since ancient times, breeders have competed to get the most beautiful budgies, and this is what made them “improve” the wild parrot to achieve the ideal of the English Budgie, or even a more exciting diversity of colors.

But the repeated attempts of breeders to create a generation of budgies did not reach the breeders’ aspirations.

We find that many new mutations of budgies formed as a result of the budgie mating process from its relatives.

As it is known to man that inbreeding poses health problems for the building, we find ourselves in the same situation with the budgie bird.

Some experts believe that a specific genetic defect is responsible for the so-called feather duster syndrome, but it is very likely that genetic poverty is related to it.

Feather Duster Syndrom

Feather duster syndrome is a genetic condition that affects feather growth in Budgies

Feather duster Budgies are some of the most happy Birds I have ever been blessed to cherish & there is no lack of quality of life.

Budgie Feather Duster Lifespan

Unfortunately, the budgie is one of the birds that has a very short life span Where the bird dies before reaching a year and does not exceed this age.

They lose much of their mobility and perching capability as a result of the overgrowth

Can Feather Duster Bird Fly ?

The ‘feather duster’ mutation probably damages the control gene responsible for turning off feather growth. for this reason the feather duster parakeet can’t fly

Feather Duster Budgerigar Gender

You can differentiate between males and female budgies in several ways that we mentioned previously on our site.

For the 2 first weeks you can’t determine the gender of your Budgie, you should to check the cere color of your Bird.

For other methods, it is very difficult to determine the sex of the bird due to the intense feathers on the bird’s body

Baby Feather Duster Budgie

You cannot differentiate between the chicks at first, all the young budgies are without feathers, and as the days pass.

these young ones begin to gain feathers. If you see that your bird’s feathers do not stop growing after three weeks, know that your budgie has a mutation feather duster Budgie

Budgie babys feather duster budgie behavior

Did The Budgie Feather Duster Are Blind ?

There is no information confirming that budgies are born blind. Like other chicks, they grow together and eat with each other.

except that when their feathers grow up, they wrap around their eyes, which prevents them from seeing.

Feather Duster Budgie Care

Whilst there is no cure for this condition, feather duster Budgies may benefit from certain treatments to keep them comfortable & boost their quality of life.

Can you cut a feather duster budgies feathers?

Yes this Budgies need face feathers trimmed from around their eyes to prevent the eye from being scratched or irritated.

those with remaining vision will also benefit from long face feathers being trimmed from the eyes to make full use of the vision they have.

Can feather dusters be washed?

Some feather duster Budgies will need a little help with bathing & drying as this can be challenging with a large mop to take care of.


These birds are characterized by their overgrown and puffy feathers.

The average life expectancy of a feather duster budgie is around two to twelve months.

It may be possible to extend the life of this bird with a special, highly nutritious diet.

It is important that you give this bird a diet that consists mostly of high-quality pellets.

You can also give them fruits, vegetables, and certain seeds on occasion.

This bird needs a decent-sized cage, but bar spacing isn’t important like with most normal budgies.

Feather dusters typically have problems sitting on a perch and can rarely fly.

It can be very difficult to care for this variety of budgie, and they are hard to find on the open market.

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