What’s The Difference The English Budgie VS American Budgie?




English Budgie vs American Budgie

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The English budgie is considered one of the most beautiful and most expensive budgie species.

It is considered the distinguished bird in competitions, as they call it (exhibition bird), as it is a very beautiful bird in shape and size, and its first origin is England (United States) .

Where they modified genetically and inserted a number of genes to change the shape of the original bird To reach this wonderful shape

What’s the difference English budgie vs American Budgie ?

The Australian budgie is more popular than it all over the world. But the English budgie is raised only by the experienced and professional in the hobby.

Because, in short, it is more difficult than the normal budgie, and its production is less.

But the breeders of this type of budgie usually do not aspire to quantity as much as they aspire to quality.

Let’s get acquainted together with the most important specifications of the English parakeet according to “international and local classifications of the most famous amateurs who raised this bird”.

Let’s dive in:


First of all, the feathers of an English budgie are longer and fluffier than that of wild budgies. But, more pronounced is the color of their feathers.

Their feathers are most times brightly compared to American parakeets. The difference between english budgie vs american budgie becomes even more clear with the complexity of color mutations on the feathers.

Also, they have a larger head size, and in some breeds, is covered with fluffy feathers that look like an Eskimo hat.

To end, you can also catch an English budgie with beard-like feathers around its neck.

Body Size

The most important thing that distinguishes the English parakeets is its large size.

The larger the size, the better the production of chicks and in better health.

Provided that it has the above-mentioned characteristics – so do not miss a bird characterized by its huge size without a level in the head or the neck, for example.

An English budgerigar can weigh more than two times of an Australian budgie. It is also taller and a bit longer.

english budgie vs american budgie

It is the size of the head, the more the English parakeets is distinguished by its huge head and the formation of bones in it is prominent to the top and the sides.

the level is good – and the aesthetic form is completed by the presence of thick feathers on top of the head

That is, the height of the head means the presence of feathers above the forehead of the bird by about half a centimeter at normal levels, and sometimes up to a centimeter or more at strong levels

Notice the difference

head of English Budgie
head of English Budgie
Head of american budgie
Head of american budgie


It is considered one of the most important features that distinguish the English budgie in general, as the higher the level of grinning indicates that the level of (flipping) .

the bird is strong and high, which makes it advanced in classification and price.

If we mentioned it – it hides the eye of the bird, so it gives you the feeling that the bird has no eyes, unless you look at the bird from a level below it.

Bird Pause (the neck)

It is an embodiment or drawing from the end of the neck to the middle of the back in a high-level bird and up to a third of the back in a low-level bird.

It appears when the bird is standing still without movement except in moments of sleep.

And the English parakeets enthusiasts say about it that the bird is standing drawn in the cage

The knot, the rosary, or the fat

They are the points below the bird’s face and they are like black marks in the bird’s feathers, scattered or collected on the right and north of the bird’s face.

Although the outside is no longer an important feature in the classification of the bird, the local market pays special attention to it for what it adds to the aesthetic form of the bird.

the shape of the feathers

The most important characteristic of the English budgie is the length of one feather – and the density of feathers

As the boom was produced in cold countries, the bird developed the characteristics of feathers to be characterized by density and length.

which gives it a sense of warmth throughout the year

It is one of the factors that exclude a wonderful English bird in bird competitions and exhibitions held abroad.

We have an article about a specific Budgie mutation called feather duster budgie


The eyes of the English budgie do not take the round shape, but the wheat shape

Notice the difference

head of English Budgie
English Budgie Eye
Head of american budgie
American Budgie Eye


The rotation

The Rotation of the head in the English budgie makes the feathers cover part of the eyes


The English budgerigar is soft, and does not have the great energy that the normal budgerigar has,

So you notice that the Englishman spends most of his time standing on the roost, motionless

Unlike the normal budgie who moves from one place to another throughout the day.

The common American parakeet is very active and not as easy to tame as an English Budgie. The calm nature of an English budgie makes it easier to train even by its owners and children.

Also, American budgies are noisy compared to their European counterpart. You will usually find them squawking, clicking, and even screaming when alarmed.

On the other hand, English budgies are relatively quiet and have a low tone which further subdues their sounds. You can keep one and your neighbors wouldn’t know, but not an American budgie!

In flight, the English budgie gets tired and crouches again.

But the normal budgie flies long distances, and may tire those trying to hunt it!


The English budgerigar is later in production than the normal budgie

The number of eggs is usually few in the English budgie

The resulting chicks are few compared to the australian budgie chicks

English chicks 1-4 in each nest

Australian chicks  4-8 in each nest

English budgie chicks
English budgie chicks
American Budgie Chicks
American Budgie Chicks

Life Span

American budgies are known to live longer than English parakeets.

Though not always the case, an English budgie’s average life span is between 5-7 years while 7-12 years for its American counterpart.

Final thoughts

Here we have highlighted and explained the most important differences between the American budgerigar and the English budgerigar.

And each breeder has his own inclinations, so what do you choose between the two birds?

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