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How to set up a Budgie cage | Budgie cage setup

Budgies need a properly outfitted cage. you can ensure that your budgie is happy, healthy, and enjoying its life to the full.

So Today it’s a super exciting day because I’m setting up a new bird cage! Proper cage setup is a very important part of Budgie care.

Let’s discover together how to set up a budgie cage :


1st things to setup your cage is the Perches

So when over you buy a Bird cage they’re always going with standard  long wooden perches , they called Dowel Perches & you don’t want to use them in your Bird’s Cage

What you’ill notice about this dowel perches is that the’re very smooth and uniform

Throughout the thickness and the width does not change when you get down the perche (the perche stay the same )

These perches are not giving your birds feet any exercice because the Bird is stay in the same position all the time

In wild, Budgies perch on trees which obviously have a different size Branches and the Budgies are constantly flying from perch to another one.

So, Focus on natural wood perches (different type of wood)

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The best Type of wood perches are Bottlebrush

Theses perches have bark on them for the bird to chew on so it doubles as both a toy and perche that’s give your budgie feet a lot of exercise.

lush bark that won’t hurt your bird’s feet.

Rope perche

These perches are soft and bendable perches that are very comfortable for your birds feet.

Note that keep an eye on your birds some birds love to chew on these rope perches.

when they chew on them the rope and the threads can get frayed and untagled and the birds can get caught in them

Flate perche or plateform perche

It gives their feet a break because it lets them sort of rest their feet flat and it’s attaches in the corner of the cage

I recommend to keep one of these in all your Budgies cages

How to install Perches

As we talked about before there are many types of perches and to set up a budgie cage correctly you need to :

  •  Place perches at multiple levels within the cage to encourage movement & climbing.
  • Don’t place the perch so close to the sides that the birds tail hits the cage bars
  • Don’t place perches directly over food or water dishes.
  • letft gaps between the perche because budgies fly horizontaly and not vertically so the bird can fly in the entire length of the cage from the perche to the perche
  • Put some perches outside the cage that help Birds to chew on them when the Budgie comes out

Food bowls

The standard food bowls comes with cage and it’s made with plastic we don’t recommend these plastics bowls food because the can collect bacteria

We recommend to use Stainless steel Bowls

These beauty Stainless steel Bowls keep the food clean and they don’t collect Bacteria

in your cage the number of Bowls food depend on how many birds you have in the cage I recommend to put three Bowls food

One for Vegetables and fresh food and chopped One for water One for Dry food and pallets

Birds Toys

In your Bird cage setup,  It’s really important to have a lots of Birds toys , the birds need enrichment lots of things to do while you’re away.

These Toys Help your budgie to keep our birds occupied  mimic wild behavior

Most of birds like to play with toys made of paper wood palm leaves and all kinds of natural materials that birds can pick apart and shred

some toys encourage your budgie to climb  like ladders and four rings that hang from the top of the cage , favorite toys is :

Bird Kabob

Bird Kabobs are the ultimate shreddable bird toys. Made from a soft pithy wood. They are irresistible to all hookbill birds from parakeets to Budgies.

birds come crazy for it they shred it into tiny pieces

Finger trapes

Finger traps are crinkly little toy parts that can be used as foot toys, stuffed with shredded paper or food and threaded over perches.

So much fun to be had! They’re safe to chew and a favourite of many small parrots.

Shredder Ball

That’s  Fantastic foraging challenge – simply insert your birds favorite treat.


As a grooming tool, cuttlebones can help keep your bird’s beak trimmed as they peck and chew on it.

More importantly though, nutritionally cuttlebone provides the calcium that seeds do not.

An essential nutrient, calcium can help keep your feathered friend’s bones healthy and strong.


The final thing you need in your budgie cage setup is Do not to put an empty white newspaper at the bottom of the cage to collect bird droppings.

Final Words

You can set up a Budgie cage so that the space is nice to look at, Your goal is be able to observe your bird ripping bark, twigs and leaves off the fresh foliage, playing with toys and moving around to feed and drink.

At the same time you want to avoid huge piles of poo piling up on the branches .

It can be quite a challenge, especially in limited space, but it is ever so satisfying and aesthetically pleasing when you get it right.

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