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Budgie poop chart Budgie poop Guide

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The budgie poop guide is considered one of the most reliable indicators of the bird’s health.

In this article we will explain all informations and cases about birds droppings.

Budgie poop Guide

What does a budgie’s healthy poop looks like?

This question can be perplexing to people who adopt birds as pets for the first time, because most people are used to pets that are of mammal species.So they might be unfamiliar with birds feces, this small birds excretes urate instead of urine which is a trait related only to birds in order to conserve more water.Budgie poop is composed of three components “stool, urate and urine”. 

The stool :

is the solid component, usually comes in an olive green color or a little darker to a brownish color. 

The urate:

is the white components it’s less solid than the stool and a little firm than the urine. 

The urine:

is the clear watery component.
Budgie poop chart Budgie poop Guide

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What should my budgie poop smell like?

Since your budgie’s diet consist of less to no meat then the poop should not be smelly, because the sulfides in meat’s protein are responsible for the smell in the mammals’ poop.

however, budgies’ diets contain mostly vegetables and fruits which make their poop odorless.

if your budgie poop smells not necessarily a foul odor but a strong odor that makes you distinguish between the previous non-smelly droppings signifies that something is wrong.

therefore if your budgie’s poop smell you should seek a vet as soon as possible because your bird can be sick.

Although smelly droppings can mean that your bird is sick you do not necessarily have to inhale them because it is dangerous for the respiratory system of the beings.

What Color Should Budgie Poop Be?

The feces should have an olive-green stool, a whitish urate, and clear watery urine.

Budgie poop chart Budgie poop Guide

What does a sick bird poop looks like?

Observing your budgie’s poop will help you determine its health condition, detect whenever there is a problem with its diet or health and seek the vet’s help at the right moment.

First of all, to recognize an abnormal and an unhealthy budgie poop you observe the changes in the shape and the color of your bird’s droppings, here are some abnormal droppings:

  • a black stool.
  • a yellowish or green urate.
  • blood or red droppings is a sign of poisoning.
  • a watery poop that makes the dropping looks too loose.

However, if your bird’s diet contains a lot of vegetables or fruits (cucumber, watermelon …)

If you change the bird’s diet then the droppings can be watery and you do not need to worry about that unless the situation continues for more than three days then you need to consult a vet.

Budgie poop chart Budgie poop Guide

Is a Green Bird’s Poop Healthy?

The healthy budgie poop should be of an olive green colour, however, the changes the colour depending on what your budgie eats .

the poop can change colour such as natural food colouring alters the poop colour temporary.

And the pellet diet will make the poop have the same colour as the pellet, as for vegetables and fruits diet will make the poop to a dark green colour.

Why is my Budgies Poop Watery & Clear ?

If your budgie poop is watery and loose your bird is probably suffering diarrhea, the causes of this illness can be stress, a poor diet, intestinal parasites, or an infection.

Diarrhea can also be an indicator of kidney, liver, or pancreatic diseases. However, a change in diet can cause diarrhea as well.

The droppings can also contain blood stains in this case your bird has a serious poisoning problem and should be taken to the vet as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the budgie poop can be of a watery texture if its diet consists of mostly fresh vegetables and fruits that consist mostly of water like cucumbers.

But if the watery texture lasts for more than 48 hours then you should seek the help of a vet.

Budgie poop chart Budgie poop Guide

Do budgies poop when they’re asleep?

Budgies poop at least 50 times per day every 12 to 15 min even when they are sleeping, so noticing the constant bathroom breaks of your bird can help you determine its health condition.

How to clean a bird’s cage?

The bird’s cage consists of many components that should be cleaned all at once.

First, you should remove the bird and move it to a safe comfortable place during the cleaning process.

Then apply the disinfectant to the whole cage and scrub it gently, then rinse well with warm water and let it dry before you put the bird back in the cage.

You can find in Youtube simplest way to clean your bird’s cage

Nature’s Miracle Bird Cage Cleaner

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How often should I clean my budgie’s cage?

The budgie poop is odorless but this does not mean that it’s harmless.

if the poop is left without cleaning for a long period it might grow fungi and bacteria and release a huge amount of ammonia which is dangerous if inhaled and cause respiratory diseases.

They also can cause infections to other pets or even their owners.

Therefore cleaning a budgie’s cage every two days or at least once per week.

that’s what can make your lovely bird happy

Final thoughts

The bird’s feces are an important indicator of the bird’s health condition.

Observing the changing of the droppings in both color and smell can be an easier and a faster way to identify a bird disease in an early stage and also a good way to define what diet goes well with your bird’s nature.

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