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Budgie Feeding Guide

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The budgie feeding guide is among the most important systems that mimic the natural system of birds in the wild.

Where budgie eat a different mixture of food and seeds make up to 50% of the budgie’s food, while the rest varies from herbs to vegetables and fruits.

Let’s explore together the most important of what comes in the Budgie feeding guide :

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Seeds are the main food for birds, as they make up more than 50 percent of the bird’s diet. And the seeds are great sources of fibre.

They also contain healthy monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and many vitamins and minerals so feel free to serve the fresh seeds to your favorite bird.

In nature, we find several families of seeds, each of which has its own advantages, among the most prominent of these are the seeds that the budgerigar eats greedily:

Budgie Herbs seeds

Budgie Grass seeds

Budgie Oily Seeds

It is recommended that you diversify the seeds for your bird to see what food the budgie prefers and makes him happy

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Vegetables are an important source of the budgie’s diet in the wild. Flocks of birds usually sweep over vegetable and fruit crops and fill their stomachs before leaving.

Vegetables contain many vitamins, salts and natural sugars that provide the budgie with the energy needed to fly and strengthen its wings.

Birds prefer fresh vegetables to frozen vegetables, so make sure that you provide your pet with safe and healthy food

Tomatoes for Birds
Cocumber for birds


The budgies diet is based on eating fruits. Birds adapt their diet seasonally and may eat more fruit in late summer or fall when fruit is naturally more abundant and readily available.

Among the most important fruits that birds crave:

  • Bananas
  • oranges
  • Apples 
  • Pears
  • strawberries
Strewberry for Birds
Bananas for Birds

Pelleted and Completed Food

We can say that the pellets were created to be a balanced and nutritionally complete food.

They provide a much better balance of nutrients from the seeds.

So we can note that the seed mixtures commonly found in pet bird diets are unbalanced in many nutrients and do not contain the sources The energy that the bird needs.

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Sprouting Seed & Soaking Seed

Sprouted or germination seeds offer the simplest way to provide birds with fresh vegetables. It is rich in plant proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll.

It contains less fat, as the sprouting process uses the fats in the seeds to start the growth process – thus reducing the fat stored in the seeds.

The sprouted seeds also make a great food for rearing and weaning as the soft shell is easy to break by the chicks and accustom them to the texture of the seeds.

Sprouting Seed method

Sprouting is the practice of soaking seeds overnight (1 part seeds to 5 parts water) as they must be placed in a sprout jar (a strainer supported in a bowl to allow the water to filter the water).

Then rinse the seeds several times a day until they begin to sprout (usually they will begin to sprout after about 24 hours) at which time they are ready to be fed.

But not all seeds will germinate at the same time, so be sure to vary the number of seeds.

Soft food for Birds

How often should I feed my budgie?

Budgies are in great need when it comes to food. The budgie bird eats every two to three hours, so be sure to fill their food bowl.

Be sure to diversify the food provided to your bird and provide it with all its nutritional needs.

You can also offer him eggs once a week for an extra boost of vitamins and minerals. The drinking water should also be changed regularly.

This is what makes your bird healthy and happy

How much should budgie eat a day?

On average, birds eat approximately half to a quarter of their body weight each day, the smaller the bird, the more food it needs compared to its weight.

Therefore, the budgie bird should eat about one to two tablespoons of seeds, in addition to providing some fresh vegetables and fruits, which must be cut into slices so that it is easier for the bird to eat them.

Should I be concerned about what my budgie eats?

Yes, we must be concerned about what our budgie eat. Failure to follow the healthy budgie feeding guide can infect the budgie with many diseases that we have mentioned in previous articles.

the most important of which is diarrhea that can be observed through the bird’s excrement.

Always make sure to diversify the food that the bird needs and provide the energy supplements it needs.

What does my budgie naturally eat?

In nature, budgies flocks of budgies eat leaves, vegetables and seasonal fruits.

It is also heading in large swarms on agricultural crops until it feeds on seeds at the time of planting and corn crops at the time of harvest, where seeds constitute more than percent of their main food.

How do I convert my bird to a pelleted diet?

Birds often suffer from diseases related to malnutrition. Especially budgies, as many breeders cannot convert the bird from seeds to eating pellets and fruits.

As the seeds contain a large percentage of fat and do not meet the needs of birds for other minerals and vitamins.

Be sure to follow these steps in order to be able to convert your bird to eating pellets:

  • You have to be patient with your bird
  • Make sure that your bird is in good health and does not suffer from health problems.
  • Try different types of pellets
  • Mix the pellets with the seeds to see what your bird prefers
  • Feed your bird with your hand
  • Watch your bird and watch its droppings change

Does my bird need extra vitamins, minerals or amino-acids?

Of course, birds like humans, their bodies need amino acids and vitamins in order to grow and strengthen.

Providing one source of food for your bird makes it vulnerable to any disease that may affect it, and its immunity is not strong.

Therefore, the budgie obtains the amino acids and vitamins from vegetables, fruits and the complex food called pellets.

What about people food?

The food that humans eat of vegetables and fruits is healthy for our pet birds. But this food must be presented in a way that it can be eaten.

Whether by cutting it or mashing it, with diversification of food sources, so that it can acquire its own vitamins.

Conclusion : What pointers should I remember about The budgie feeding guide?

The most important indicators to be followed can be summarized in the following points:

Before changing your bird’s diet, make sure to visit your vet and take advice from him

Do not follow a single food source (such as saving only seeds)

Be sure to diversify the food

Watch your bird when it eats

Watch the droppings of the budgie bird, it is one of the main indicators of the health of the bird

Offer a variety of foods, such as seeds and pellets, together.

Change the drinking water regularly

And finally, you have to be patient with your bird and get to know him more so that it is easier for you to treat him and he loves you more

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