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It’s an important question that is searched and asked for on Google by budgie owners can a budgie live alone?

You’ve probably noticed how other bird owners tend to have more than one budgie, there’s a reason for that

So, if you are willing to buy a budgie as a pet or already have one and wondering about this question then keep on reading.

Before we start to solve the question if budgies can live alone I think it’s so important to gather some information about budgies in general so you will understand how budgies are as a birds.

Understanding our budgies is very important as this will help to create strong relationship between you and your happy budgie so the more you learn and understand about your budgie the more your budgie is getting happier and safe.

In this article you’re going to learn about and solve the question can a budgie live alone?

If you have a budgie and not carrying about getting another one but wondering if it is okay for your budgie to live alone then this article is for you.

It’s so important to understand and learn how budgies are as social birds and whether they need a companion, you’ll discover all of this in this article.

Can You Keep One Budgie?

Budgies are social animals for example the ones that share the same cage do almost every activities together and inevitably become close.

So, when one of budgies dies, the other budgie will go into a mourning period, which in most of times can be deeply distressing.

While you can break this period by distracting your budgie with toys, ultimately, what they need to a full recovery from their loss is real direct interaction with a living companion.

Albino Budgie Lonely budgie

So, you should consider getting a new cage mate for your bereaved budgie in time, as this will help your budgie to recover from its loss and return to its normal and happier life.

The answer is no more than yes, but you need to understand about their history and behavior with his ex-friend.

Here’s an interesting fact about budgies, budgies are naturally interactive as they live with a large flock in the wild.

Social interaction is not only important to humans, they are also a considerable part of the animal kingdom.

Budgies are very sociable animals, they love company which is why it’s recommended to get another budgie because if your budgie has recently experienced the loss of its cage mate, the chances are it’ll be experiencing loneliness and sadness.

Can you let your budgie live alone?

After we answered the question of Can You Keep One Budgie? Let we move now to see if you can live your budgie live alone in the cage after he lose his cage mate.

You can still do this by letting your budgie live alone, but it would be better you get him a friend, If you do want to have only one budgie then you need to make sure you are there for your budgie.

You can do some extra activities in case you are willing to let your budgie live alone like spending quality time together and giving your budgie time and affection.

You could even providing a plenty of variety of toys to make sure your birdie is never bored, it’s hard to keep them entertained all the time.

But if you’re at work or you can’t do this then the answer is yes, you need another budgie so your budgie can’t live alone.

Honestly, you’ll love having more than one budgie, It will keep your budgie happy so happy budgie is a healthy one, so it is better to always keep your budgie with other budgie company.

Can A Single Budgie Be Happy?

Budgies are famous for being social bird species. They like too much to interact with their human friends, also with other budgies. Can a budgie live alone while this single budgie is happy?

Some budgie’s owners believe that a single budgie will not be as happy as one with a companion. Others believes that it is possible for a single budgie to be perfectly healthy and happy.

In this last blog post, we answered the question, can parakeets live alone?. So, which is it? Can a single budgie be happy?

Yes, a single budgie can be happy, the majority of people think that budgies are social creatures that need to be kept always in pairs, but this is not always the true in reality budgie can live alone.

While budgies are happy with their own kind’s company, they can also be happy as a single bird.

The most important thing is to give them the needed attention and provide them with a perfect environment.

A single budgie can live alone with long and happy life if it receives the cares and love it needs.

Can Budgies Die Of Loneliness?

In fact Loneliness is not a deadly sickness that strikes overnight, but it can kill your budgie because budgies are friendly and social birds.

If budgies live alone they’ll grow depressed in cases if they lack mental stimulation and can’t interact with other budgies or humans regularly.

The budgie feel isolated, and become emotionally unbalanced they will be bored.

Why Do Budgies Sleep a lot my budgie died with eyes open

This, in and of itself, won’t cause budgies die loneliness, but stress and depression will wear it down.

Stress can weaken the efficacy of a budgie’s immune system and impact its willingness to all kinds of food like eat, drink, and exercise.

This will lead to loss of muscle tone, malnutrition and organ complications.

These factors can increase over time until your bored and weak budgie falls sick. Budgies will still hide the signs of sickness, so this wear and tear on the full body can go even unnoticed.

It’s so sad how long a budgie can live alone and weather loneliness. However, its life will be shorter.

If budgie dies young and unexpectedly or appears to starve to death in this case the loneliness may be the cause.

In addition to avoid the possibility of budgies die suddenly and overnight try to keep your budgie far away from toxic food or fumes.

Also try to limit stress, keep its cage clean and comfortable, try to monitor the temperature, offer nutritious foods, and provide for it clean water.

Can a budgie survive without a partner?

If you decide to keep your budgie live alone and not to buy a new cage mate for your lonely budgie.

Budgie can live alone even though they are social animals and prefer to live with the perfect company of their own kind. 

In spite of this, generations of domesticated budgies have used to be adapted to human company also many pet budgies are now happy with just their owners as a friend.

Some budgies owners have even found that solo budgies can be little bit more affectionate.

Sure, this may only be happened if you devote just as much affection back. Lonely budgies will need many hours of one on one attention a day so it is not perfect idea to keep them alone.

But if you are very busy or out of the house for long time to give them the attention they need to keep theme in the perfect mental health.

Can budgies be housed alone?

Can I keep a single budgie? Yes, you can keep a single budgie and a budgie can live alone, but there are certain things you must meet.

You can keep a lonely budgie if you have enough time to play with your bird. If you have a schedule full of activities you should keep more than two budgies and do not house your budgie alone.

This is because budgies are very social and active birds.

It takes lot of time to keep a lonely budgie. You must spend at least one two a day with your budgie.

This means if you cannot spend the ideal hours with your bird, you should buy to your bird a new friend.

Your budgies will become friends and they will play together when you are doing your daily activities.

 Some budgie’s owners use toys to entertain their birds. The toys may make your bird happy, but not for a long time.

Your budgie will get bored with the toys by the time, especially if you cannot afford new toys every time. So, do not always rely on toys to keep your budgie active and happy.

 I strongly encourage you to get a second budgie and do not live your budgie alone, especially if you have a busy schedule with lack of time for your budgie.

A budgie needs daily exercise and mental care, which you cannot always provide because of your busy schedule.

Your two budgies will bond and they will spend the time and play together so your budgies will live happily together.


finally do you have the answer to this question Can budgie live alone?

As a new budgie owner, you may be asking yourself this question. I highly recommend you to keep two or more budgies to live together.

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep a single budgie active and happy.

This means you may have to spend all your free time with your budgie. If you do not mind spending many hours in the day with your budgie, you can keep your budgie to live alone.

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