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Have you have ever heard about the white body colored budgie?

This kind of budgie called the albino budgie which he is a white budgie with reddish eyes, have pink legs and a pink cere.

So, in this article you will find everything about the albino budgie from the appearance to how to take care of this kind of budgies.

What is the albino budgie?

The albino budgie is one of rarest kind in budgie’s family belong to the blue series white budgie which differentiate from other budgies by its beautiful and unique white color because of a gene called the ino gene.

The ino gene in albino budgie  is a sex linked recessive gene that prevent the production of melanin, so we will have in result an entirely white colored budgie which called albino budgie.

The albino budgie is distinguished by its white color, red eyes, orange beak and silvery-white cheeks, we also notes that there is no colored or dark markings in the albino budgie and full wings and tail have white color.

How to identify (recognize) an albino budgie?

The albino budgie is very easy to be recognized than other budgies, simply he is a white body colored, that why he is named the albino budgie which means the white budgie.

You will find in the table below characteristics to help you recognize the albino budgie:

General body-color White, clear & free from all markings.
Mask White, clear & free from all markings.
Markings No markings
Cere Fleshy pink, purple in males, and white, pale blue, and tan (bronze) in females.
Beak Orange colored
Eyes Red or pink-colored with iris rings
Cheek patches Silvery-white
Primary wing flights White
Primary tail feathers White
Feet & legs Fleshy pink

Albino Budgie

Albino budgie colors and markings:

The albino budgie has pure white color so there is no black or blue marks because of the ino gene which prevent the production of the melanin in the albino budgie body.

Albino budgie legs and beak:

The Albino budgie has pinkish legs and orange beaks in both male and female also because of the ino gene who removes melanin pigmentation from all the albino budgie body areas.

Albino budgie cere color:

If we compare albino budgie with other budgies types, we will find that albino budgie have a slightly cere color.

At the normal state, the male albino budgie features by fleshy pink and purple cere, but in breeding season male albino budgie may have slightly darker cere colors than in regular seasons.

The female albino budgie have primarily variations color of white and light blue cere, and in breeding season, female albino budgie may have tan (brown, bronze) cere color with a crusty surface.

Albino budgie eyes color:

The albino budgie have very beautiful eyes color with red or pink or even ruby-colored eyes with iris rings.

How to tell if an albino budgie is male or female?

In normal state it is easy to tell if the albino budgie male or female, especially when he reach his first breeding year.

Male albino budgie features by a slightly darker cere color than the typical pink or purple cere colors (during the breeding season.

Female albino budgie have tan-bronze cere color with a crusty surface than their standard light blue or white cere colors during the breeding season.

You can have a quick look to this albino budgie’s breeders experiences to figure out how to know if the albino budgie is male or female.

You also can read this related article about how to identify budgie gender.

How long do albino budgie live?

If you treat your albino budgie well and provide for him the proper diet, he may have an average lifespan of 10 years or between 5 to 15 years.

But in the wild life albino budgie have a lifespan between 4 to 6 years.

You can read more about how long do budgies live.

How much is albino budgie:

Albino budgie have the price of 20 to 30 usd in most of pets stores in almost all countries, but the prices may change in case of rarity in some countries or some seasons.

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Albino Budgie

Albino budgie care:

As other budgies, albino budgie need the similar care methods either in diet or how to treat the health problems.

Albino budgie diet and nutrition:

Albino budgie need a proper diet that includes seeds, vegetables, and fruits which must be rich of proteins, vitamins and fibers also, they require clean water daily.

You as albino budgie owner to avoid causing malnutrition in the body you should avoid seed-only diets.

Albino budgie’s health problems:

If you are an albino budgie owner, you should pay attention to the following to avoid health problems to keep your albino budgie the good health:

  • A proper diet includes fruits, vegetables, and seeds.
  • Keep the cage clean.
  • Keep it safe from any potential threat either from humans like young kids or other animals like cats.
  • Make sure to keep your albino budgie away from any kind of stress.
  • Make sure to trim the nails and overgrown beaks.
  • Provide proper and regular bath sessions.
  • Regular visits to the veterinarian.

Final Thoughts:

Albino budgie is one of the most beautiful budgies in the world of birds, and you as budgie owner you should know everything about the albino budgie in order to take care of your albino budgie.

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