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BEST FOOD FOR BUDGIE in summerS & Birds Pet

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Summer is finally here! Temperatures are increasing, announcing the arrival of vacation. But we must not forget to protect our birds from the extreme heat.

And to choose for them the best food for budgies in summer.

Protect your birds from scorching hot weather conditions

The heat is very intense in the summer and exposure to the sun for a period of time can hurt our birds.

Unlike mammals, our pet birds tolerate very little sunlight and heat. But this does not mean that we forget her and make her exposed to sunstrokes.

Because budgies do not have sweat glands like humans to adjust their body temperatures.

The most important points in protecting the budgie from the summer heat are as follows:

  • Provide a water-saturated diet (hybrid)
  • Do not expose the bird too much sunlight, especially in the middle of the day
  • Buy a small bird bath you can find on Amazon it’s fun to see your birds cleaning themselves
  • Be careful not to expose your bird to extreme changes in temperature (from extreme heat to a room containing a cooling device)

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What is the most Favorite & best food for budgies?

Seeds are the preferred & best food for budgies, as they constitute more than 50 percent of their main food.

But the bird’s diet must be diversified by providing fruits and vegetables in order to provide it with a range of amino acids and vitamins in order to strengthen the immunity of our pet birds.

Budgie Seeds

What can budgies drink?

Birds need to drink water every day, as the budgies drink one tablespoon of fresh and clean water, Which means 5 % of the bird’s weight.

Always make sure to renew the drinking water for your bird and do not leave it for consecutive days.

Budgies drink also orange juice, tea and fruit juice, provided that they do not contain caloric sweeteners. All this is excellent for consumption by your pet bird.

Best summer Soft food for Birds

In the summer, budgies prefer eating soft foods that provide the bird with water. And before getting to know the list of soft foods.

Let’s get acquainted with each other about what these foods are

What’s Soft Food ?

Soft foods are foods that contain a large amount of water also called Wet foods ,It consist mainly of plant foods, including many fruits and vegetables.

Foods that are high in water are less calorie-dense: Since a lot of their weight comes from water, they are great foods to eat when you trying to fill your pet bird up with fewer calories.

Sprouts are best summer soft food for pet birds

Did you know that plant sprouts are the best food that a bird will love in the summer and know that sprouts are safely in your kitchen and it is not difficult at all?

It’s one of the favorite bird food also on our list, and make sure to wash any sprouts presented to your bird well, and some may have come into contact with pesticides in Their journey is from the garden to the local supermarket.

And you don’t want to transfer these toxins to your pet.

Soft food for Birds

Best Vegetables and fruits for Budgies in summer

Bird food plays an important role in their lifestyle and their diet changes in the summer, where budgies eat in the wild a variety of vegetables and fruits, the most prominent of which are what we mention here :


Tomatoes have medicinal properties that are unique to them from the rest of the vegetables.

They remove disease germs attached to the body, open the natural channels in the body, and activate the kidneys.

Tomatoes are not used in their full properties except when they are fully ripe, and they contain vitamin A in large quantities.

It is noticeable that the vitamin C in tomatoes does not deteriorate quickly because it is protected by acids.

The amount of this vitamin increases as the tomatoes are fully ripened.

Eating tomato juice cleanses the stomach and intestines and eliminates indigestion

Tomatoes for Birds


Cucumber is a vegetable that contains several important elements that made it a necessary food for the budgie, especially during the period of changing feathers.

One of the benefits that cucumber contains is that it gives a bird a feeling of satiety, moisturizes the body and protects it from thirst.

And also works to calm nerves, especially if your bird is a very riotous type.

Similar to what we mentioned earlier, cucumber treats constipation and is very useful, especially if your bird has a disease from what we mentioned in our previous articles.

Cocumber for birds

Bottle Gourd

Gourd has great benefits for birds, as it contains a large amount of water. It contains many vitamins and calories that work to treat

Indigestion and constipation treatment: Gourd is very useful for treating constipation and acts as a strong laxative.

Prevents arteriosclerosis: Pumpkin acts as a powerful antiseptic and helps get rid of the buildup of deposits in the arteries.

Good Psychological Tranquilizer: It has very calming properties and is very effective

Gourd for Birds


Strawberry is one of the most delicious and delicious fruits and has many health benefits as well.

It is rich in many nutritional compounds that are beneficial for the health of the body of canaries, goldfinch and pets. In Asia, it is called the “Queen of Fruits”.

Fruits are full of many beneficial nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Here we will learn about the wonderful benefits of strawberries for the body.

– Strengthen memory goldfinch. Strawberries  help strengthen memory, according to some studies.

– Reducing infections. Strawberries reduce the rate of inflammation in the body, which leads to weak body immunity.

-Prevention of constipation: Strawberries are presented to the canary to help reduce constipation because of the presence of fiber and water, which help reduce constipation.

– Useful for female health for processing.

Strawberries  contribute to increasing the health of a bird during preparation, as there are some immune-boosting vitamins such as vitamin C, and strawberries also contain fibers that reduce constipation.

Moisturizing and growing the bird’s feathers. The ellagic acid in strawberries helps increase feather growth.

Strewberry for Birds


Banana is one of the fruits rich in vitamins and minerals.

the most important of which is potassium, which is one of the most important natural sources and is the best alternative to chemical compounds for the medicines we use to compensate for the lack of potassium in the bodies of birds.

Banana fruit is also characterized by the change in its nutrients according to the age and maturity of its fruits.

Banana is the best fruit that contains vitamin B6, a very important vitamin in increasing bird fertility

because it is used in the process of growth and production of sperm and avoiding the problem of fetal death within the first three days of the incubation period.

Enhances the strength of the bird’s immune system and increases its resistance to diseases

Bananas are also good in cases of simple diarrhea and some cases of constipation.

Bananas for Birds


Figs are a seasonal fruit that grows in late summer and autumn.

Figs are one of the fruits that provide a strong boost of energy and calories necessary for the bird. It contains 16 grams of glucose per 100 grams and up to 50 grams in dried figs.

Therefore, we advise you to present it to your birds in the winter and the breeding and mating season,

so in the morning to give the bird a high charge of energy and help it in strong singing and long breath.

Figs for Birds

Best summer herbs for budgies

Best Herbs For Birds Pet

Mint Leaves

Mint is characterized by its pleasant aroma that works to open the appetite. It is preferable to present the boiled mint in the water dish so that the bird can benefit from it.

Among the most prominent benefits of mint are the following

Strengthens the immune system

Anti-cold or wind blow

Tonic for the bird

sedative for birds

Stools are easy to pass


And many more benefits


Professional pet breeders advise to include green Coriander in the diet of ornamental birds, such as Australian budgies and canaries.

It is considered one of the herbs that are used to treat birds from many things, and Coriander also provides many minerals, vitamins and nutrients important to the soil of birds at home and because of its importance when using coriander drenched and giving it to birds.


Last but not least, the most important thing you can do for your bird is to provide an appropriate healthy environement to keep it active and protect it from sunstroke.

Always make sure to follow a special diet for your bird with the advice of a veterinarian.

Also, diversify the sources of food so that it acquires immunity to protect it from various diseases.

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