The most 5 Common Budgie Sleeping Positions (With Meanings)




Budgie Sleeping Positions

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Many may wonder about the method of training a Budgie, and how they sleep, eat, and do other activities, as we note several Budgie sleeping positions that take, including that :

he sleeps a parrot by holding a small branch with one foot, raising his other foot to his chest, turning his head back to rest on his shoulder, then closing his eyes and sleeps.

The budgie needs to sleep from 9 to 11 hours a day, but the periods of sleep are sporadic and do not spend it directly.

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How Do Budgies Sleep in a Cage (Budgie Sleeping Positions) ?

Sleep plays an important role in providing energy. The birds perch most horizontally when they are sleeping on the branches, but some choose the position perpendicular to the trunk of a tree.

In the cage, the sleeping pattern of budgies does not change much from nature, where you can find your bird sleeping on one of its toys, and it can also sleep clinging to iron bars

If you have several budgies in the same cage, a fight can break out over the sleeping area.

So make sure that you have a suitable cage for your pet birds to live

Below we show you the most famous Budgies sleeping positions:

Budgie Sleeps Lying Down

Usually budgies sleep standing on one foot or standing with their head back under their wing.

But we find sometimes that some parrots lie on their bellies, while others sleep on the floor of the cage, and this is due to :

  • Not Enough Space

Your pet bird is more likely to sleep on its stomach if there is not enough room in the cage.

Some budgies resort to sleeping on the floor of the cage to avoid fighting over favorite places in the Perches

  • Feels Very Tired

It is known that budgies are very energetic and highly mobile, and usually, when they lose their energy, they resort to sleeping anywhere and in any position.

  • Illness

Diseases spread among birds are one of the most important reasons why the bird loses its vitality and appetite.

Many budgies, when they suffer from a disease, make them sleep while lying on their stomachs

Budgie sleep

Budgie Lying Down On Perch

The method of sleeping on the perch is one of the well-known methods of budgies.

The budgie lies on the perch and closes its eyes. This method may seem difficult to us, but it is one of the most famous sleeping positions for birds.

The Common reasons for Budgie to take this position are :

  • Extra Tired

When the bird gets tired, it sleeps in any position.

The budgie maintains its balance when lying on the branch and uses this method to rest its legs. He will do this for a day or two before returning to his preferred sleeping position

  • Extra Cold

Budgies raise one leg on their stomach, which makes them feel warmer and reduces heat loss, especially in cold areas or when winter comes.

  • Illness

Birds get sick a lot and lose their heat, which poses a threat to their lives.

So the budgie resorts to this method until he feels warm and

Budgie sleep

Budgie Sleeping On Side of Cage

Usually the budgie likes to sleep on the side of the cage and is climbing or hanging with his head down. There are many reasons why he sleeps like this, including

Feeling a kind of warmth

feeling safe

Or he hates other places

Budgie Sleeps On One Leg

For these beautiful birds, lying on one leg is the most comfortable position. Although for us it is hard.

Conserving energy

to give the feet a rest after a hard and tiring day

Keeping warm

when birds raise their legs to their stomachs gives them an extra feeling of heat

Feeling safe 

is the most important element we can deduce in understanding how a budgie sleeps

Budgie sleep

Budgies Sleeping Positions With Head Down

The budgie sleeps with its head down, and this sleep is one of the common ways of sleeping for parrots

For your budgie to take this position, you must know that your bird has met the following conditions :

He feels safe

and this point is the most important, as he cannot hide his head and sleep if he does not feel safe

Needs warmth

Birds’ eyes, cheeks, and beaks cool down when the weather is cold, they always need warmth


When our bird’s feathers are torn or if some of it has fallen off, it needs to gain some heat and energy by inserting its head under its wing

Budgie Sleeping Positions
Budgie Sleeping Positions

How To Know If A Budgie Is Sleeping ?

You can tell if your bird is sleeping if you find it in one of the budgie sleeping positions

Or you can check your bird from time to time, and if you find it little movement, it means that it is sleeping.

Many breeders are deceived by the way the budgie sleeps, as the bird can sleep with its eyes open.

How many hours does budgie sleep?

The budgie bird is very mobile and active like other animals, it needs some rest in order to regain its vitality, as it usually needs a sleep of nine (9) to eleven (11) hours a day.

What are the favorite time to sleep for Budgies ?

The Budgies is considered an active and lively bird during the day, but these birds must derive their energy from sleep, which is very beneficial for the body.

Night and noon (nap time) are the best times for budgies to sleep.

Why Do Budgies Nap?

Many birds take time to nap, especially if it is summer and the day is very long. In this way, the budgies gather their energy until they return to be more energetic .

Do Budgies Need A Bed To Sleep?

Budgies do not need a bed to sleep in, in the wild they sleep on tree branches and inside their nests.

In cages, she sleeps clinging to cages or hanging on perch and toys

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