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Budgie Preening Budgie foot not gripping

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Budgie foot not gripping

Several days ago, I noticed that my three years ago budgie was not acting normal because he used to be very active and full of happiness.

so I started to watch my budgie closely to figure out the causes of this problem.

Minutes later, I was surprised that my budgie foot not gripping!

He lost the use of his left foot, so I was obliged to start making some research and noting down any important information about the problem of why is my budgie foot not gripping.

After I finished my research, I found many possible reasons that may cause the absence of gripping of the budgie foot to answer the question of why my budgie legs are not working.

It could be caused by injuries, illness, or attacks by other animals, So keep on reading the full article to enrich your experience about this issue.

Why Are My Budgie’s Legs Not Working? Possible Reasons To Look Out For:

Budgies are very sensible birds, especially in their lower body, so they may be prone to injuries that may cause some difficulties.

If the budgie’s owner started to notice some difficulties in using his legs or some budgie foot not gripping at all, this might be one of these three reasons:

1- Injuries:

There are too many things may cause budgie’s injuries, like catching foot on cage, the falling down of the cage from a height or even may happened when the owner holds the budgie hard using his hand.

This usually happened if the owner was with zero experience in budgie’s care, so all of this may accidentally leads to a budgie with foot not gripping.

You can have a look to this article to learn more about how to deal with budgi’s injuries.

Bird First Aid Kit

2- Infections:

If you noticing that your budgie foot not gripping this might be because of some infections, budgies may suffer from foot problems because of :

  • Bacterial infections.
  • Fungal.
  • Viral.

One of the common foot problems is the bumble foot which it is an infection that begins from the bottom of the budgie’s foot.

Scaly legs is another famous infections may affect budgie’s foot.

 Also, if your budgie foot not gripping it may be due to an infection caused by the parasites who attacking your budgie, in this case your budgie start to have some dry flaky skin looks like scales in their legs. 

Budgie foot Problem

3- Attacks by other animals

If you find that your budgie foot not gripping it may be caused by the attacks of other animals, for example:

  • Cats.
  • Dogs.
  • Rats.
  • Snakes.

Budgies can also suffer from foot problems because of the bites of these animals, and these bites can lead to infections.

How Do You Tell If a Budgie’s Foot Is Broken?

Budgies are shy animals, so they are quite talented in hiding pain whenever they suffer from problems, but they leave for us as budgies owners some signs and we should understand it as quick as possible.

As we discussed before, if the budgie foot not gripping this may be a sign of a broken budgie foot.

Also, you should be aware of any change of behavior like lack of interest in food or if your budgie refuses to perch on your hand, in this case you have the reason to start worrying about if your budgie’s foot is broken.

If you think that your budgie is suffering from infection.

Check if he is showing weakness that makes you think that one of the budgie foot not gripping or full body weakness, curling of toes, trembling legs, or when he is frequently shifting from foot to another.

Foot problems in budgies not only if the budgie foot not gripping, may be a symptom of a dangers disease like kidney issues, tumor, stroke and paralysis.

At that time you will start to notice in your budgie reduction in appetite, extreme weakness. 

Also, this might be in case of dehydration, weight loss, and other serious symptoms, visit the veterinarian immediately without any delay.

Why Does My Budgie Have a Weak Grip? (Should I Be Concerned?)

If your budgie foot not gripping or the budgie seems to have a weak grip this surely means that the budgie is suffering from a problem.

You should check if the budgie is suffering from an injury, any other foot problems, minor deformities or a serious disease.

So, you must figure out the roots of the problem to achieve the best treatment.

Generally, according to many budgie’s owner, there are three common causes the budgie weak grip which may leads to a budgie with foot not gripping, and they are the following:

1- Dietary Issues:

Simply, budgies are like humans and all creatures, they need the proper balanced diet to remain in good mental and physical health.

So, if you trait your budgie negligibly and you don’t include the required vitamins, proteins, mineral and fibers in your budgie daily diet you will end up after a couple of days or months with sick budgie.

In this case your poor budgie will experience the budgie foot not gripping, budgie weak grip or even worse than this.    

2- Uncomfortable Perches:

We as humans if we keep on resting on bad sofa we will suffer at least from back pain.

On the other hand you will see that your budgie foot not gripping if you don’t provide the comfortable perch for your budgie.

Your budgie may experience weak grip and certain foot problems when they use the improper perches as they sit at odd angles.

So, to avoid having budgie foot not gripping make sure that your budgie feet are not under the application of the same pressure all over at the same area.

3- Disease:

In case symptoms appear because of a disease and you are noticing that your budgie foot not gripping or the budgie grip is weak.

 it is required to ask for the needed consultation from a veterinarian to address the problem.

So the answer of the questions of should you be concerned if your budgie foot not gripping or budgie grip is weak is yes.

You should be more than concerned as start act as quick as possible to save your budgie.

If your budgie grip is weak which leads to budgie foot not gripping in the most of cases, you should be more than concerned because this may be a sign of bones broke or other serious disease.

Budgie foot Problem

Tips For Helping Budgies With Weak Grip:

As a precaution, to prevent your budgie experiencing budgie foot not gripping, you should do the follow to avoid this problem and to help your budgie with weak grip:

1- Cage Maintenance:

Physical health is related to mental health, so to make sure that your budgie is in good mental health provide for him the proper cage which means for the budgie the proper house.

Our target in this case is to prevent any problem such as ending with budgie foot not gripping, so to avoid weaken budgie grip try to provide comfortable and large cage made by the safest materials.

In this environment he will be free and safe to do active movements to avoid the problem of the weak grip and to keep his legs and feet in strong and good health.

2- Provide Better Perches:

According to many budgies owners who experienced the budgie foot not gripping, or even a small budgie weak grip claimed that the main cause is providing a bad perch for the budgie.

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Always make sure to replace broken, uneven, and damaged perches to ensure that your budgies will not develop weak grip foot by enduring various pressure from every contact point with the perch.

Budgie foot Problem

3- Balanced Diet:

To keep your budgie far away to suffer from weak grip just do the necessary provide the proper diet which must be rich of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers.

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I advise you to improve your budgie diet and provide the proper balanced diet to include the honey meal in your budgie diet because honey meal is rich of vitamins and minerals to prevent the budgie weak grip.

You should always keep the levels of water in high levels for your budgie and drink him clean and rich of minerals water.


The problem of weaken budgie grip is so common among most of budgies owners, some knows how to deal with the problem and others don’t.

To avoid ending up with budgie foot not gripping, you have to well treating your budgie by providing the proper cage and perch, providing the balanced diet.

Also you should visit the veterinarian from a while to while just to make sure that he is not suffering from any disease or any internal issues.

If you committed to this tips the percentage of seeing budgie foot not griping or even small budgie weak grip will decreased down to the bottom and your budgie legs and feet will be safe. 

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