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Budgie Age

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If you are new Budgie owner there’s a few question in your mind like it’s my budgie male or female and how to identifier your Budgie age and last thing is to have some knowledge about Budgie laying eggs.

So we will focus in this article on The best Methods to identify your Budgie age, Let’s dive in:

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Best method to identifier your Budgie Age ?

How to determine a bird’s age is one of the skills the breeder should have.

It can be very difficult and complicated for the new owners, The only way to know the age of your Budgie is to read this article carefully.

We organize The most important keys to tell the age of your bird’s pet below :

1- Inspect the budgie’s forehead

The cap feather on the top of the budgie’s head is one of the most important signs that indicate the age of the bird.

Small birds are known by the presence of a group of black stripes, or so-called bars, from the bellows to the bottom of the head.

If your bird has such stripes, it means that it is less than 3-4 months old

As for the older birds, they are those parrots whose head feathers fall off and the black bars disappear with them.

Head feathers are replaced by new white or yellow feathers. In this case, make sure that your bird is more than 4 months old

Important note

This rule is excluded in some mutations. Such as albino, luteino, or other mutations, and you cannot determine its age by its head feathers

However, you must follow other methods to find out the age of the bird

Younger Budgie
Younger Budgie
training your Budgie
Adulte Budgie

2- Inspect the budgie’s eyes

A second common way to know the age of the budgie is by observing the eye and inspecting the color of the iris of the eye, to get to know together the method

Little Budgie iris

The iris of the eye of young budgies is distinguished by its bright dark color. You should monitor your bird daily until you get used to distinguishing between the eyes of young and old.

If you find your bird’s eyes are covered in charcoal color, this means that the bird is less than 5 weeks old

teenage Budgie iris

As the Budgies gets older and enters its adolescence, the dark color of the iris decreases and the bird begins to develop the iris.

At this age, the color of the iris becomes dark gray, which means that it is between 5 and 8 months old.

Matures Budgie iris

As the budgie matures, the iris develops and opens and the iris ring becomes brighter.

This iris has a white ring around it. This indicates that the Budgie is likely to be 8-12 months old

Young Budgie
Adult Budgie

3- Inspect the budgie’s beaks and ceres

The Budgie Cere Chart is the easiest way to know the gender of your favorite bird, but he have another segnifications like the indication of age of your bird.

We can distingues between younger and older Budgies by inspecting the budgies beaks color :

Males Budgies :

The Cere Color will be purple and for the older budgies the cere change to the blue color see the difference in the picture below

Male Female Budgie Cere chart
budgie cere chart

Females Budgies :

The Cere Color will be white and for the older budgies the cere change to the brown color see the difference in the picture below

Budgie Age

Other ways to tell a budgie’s age

In the world of birds and according to the experience of breeders, knowing the age of birds is not limited to only 3 methods.

We can infer their ages based on their behavior and history.

Below we summarize the most important of these common behaviors:


A bird’s feathers begin to shed for the first time when they are 3 to 4 months old and are replaced by new feathers

Budgies Molting

Contacting the seller

If you purchased the bird from an authorized supplier, you can contact them and they will give you the date and year of origin.

Breeders and pet stores often keep documentation of the birds they sell that may help you determine the age of the parrot.

Observing the band on the budgie’s leg

The bird’s leg tape is a record of your bird where you can check the age and sex of the bird by searching the internet

The color or numbers on the belt symbolize the age of the bird. If the bird does not have any numbers, it means that the bird is not registered on the ABS platform.

Monitoring the budgie’s behavior

By observing the behavior of the budgie bird, you can infer the age of the bird.

Older birds are characterized by low activity, ranging from 7 years to 10 years

Please check your bird carefully, as any of the diseases can make your bird lazy. If you suspect a disease that has infected your bird, please consult your vet immediately

What was the oldest budgie?

The oldest budgerigar was called Charlie, and he reached the ripe old age of 29 years and 2 months.

You can find the source in the Guinness Book of Records

So how old is your Budgie?

The most breeders want to know the gender of and the age of their pet’s bird to prepare them for competition and other prepare these birds for molting.

Knowing the Budgie age is the best way to know if your bird is ready for molting and have new members in the cage.

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