What’s a rainbow Budgie ?




What's a Rainbow Budgie

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Need a bird as a pet? Did you heard before about a rainbow Budgie? But What’s a rainbow budgie ?

They’re unique birds with loads of personality that make them fun companions for everybody.

There are lots of birds out there that are more colorful than others, however, some are more colorful than others… and yet, none are as colorful as the rainbow Budgie.

This is because this particular bird is a mix between a blue mutations and a yellow-green mutations , There’s even the rainbow spangle budgie.

which swaps the elusive clearwing mutation with the spangle mutation.

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What’s a Rainbow Budgie ?

1- How To Identify Rainbow Budgies ?

Rainbow Budgerigars have been selectively bred for many generations in order to bring out the beautiful colors we see today.

One of the most commonly asked questions is how to identify a rainbow budgie.

Requirements to identify your rainbow budgie include its body size, shape, color, and lifespan. Let’s start to identify this amazing Bird

1-1 Rainbow Budgie Size

Rainbow budgies have the smallest size and weight compared to other varieties of the parrot family.

They are approximately 5 – 7 inches, and weigh between 1.2 and 2 ounces for Adults Budgerigars.

This makes rainbow budgies easy to take care of or keeping them clean.

1-2 How Long Do Rainbow Budgies Live? ( Rainbow budgie lifespan )

Budgies are small birds and have a lifespan of around 5 to 10 years. The average lifespan of a budgie is approximately 7 years.

2- Rainbow Budgie Genetics

A true rainbow Budgerigar has four specific gene mutations.

When combined, these mutations create what we know as the rainbow budgie. These include the following:

  • Blue-Mutation
  • Clearwing
  • Yellowface
  • Opaline

2-1 Blue Mutation

Blue rainbow mutation lacks yellow color due to an enzyme that prevents the appearance of the yellow pigment of the budgie

So the blue mutation pigment depends on its green color.

2-2 Clearwing

The clearwing gene is responsible for diluting the color of the budgie feathers.

The budgie’s body color diluted by up to 10%. This dilution will be found all over the bird’s body

2-3 Yellowface

The yellow-faced Budgie is an easy-to-recognize bird from its name. This budgie has a distinctive yellow face.

There are three variations to the yellowface mutation, including the following:

Yellowface 1 (mutant 1)

Yellowface 2 (mutant 2)


The yellowface 2 variant is the most popular for creating a rainbow budgie because yellowface 2 changes the blue slightly, but any of the variations can be used.

Many breeders simply use the variant that is available to them.

2-4 Opaline

The opaline mutation is responsible for the soft graduation of colors.

This mutation is very beautiful on its own, but when combined with other genes, it makes your bird even more beautiful.

The opaline mutation is characterized by the following:

  • The Opaline gene also softens the body colour slightly so that it is a little paler than a Normal of the same colour.
  • The main feature is also that the body colour of the budgie (ie green, blue, grey etc) has replaced the yellow or white on the wings.
  • This makes the head and back appear strongly colored and reduces the amount of black on the wings and tail feathers.
  • Clear bands on the wing, tail, and flight feathers are much broader than the wild type.

3- Rainbow Budgie Variations

When we talk about the differences that come in budgies, they usually come from the mutation of the yellow face.

3-1 Rainbow Spangle Budgie

The rainbow Spangle Budgie is created by switching a clearwing mutation for the spangle mutation.

The transparent wing mutation is relatively rare rainbow budgie.

That is why breeders and producers struggle to breed rainbows.

Therefore, by switching the net wing of the bright mutation, breeders can more easily create a spangle mutation. that looks like a rainbow Budgie.

Rainbow Budgie Baby

3-2 Pastel Rainbow Budgie

The pastel rainbow budgie is the reference for the rainbow budgie.

It is easy to identify the rainbow budgie bird, as it is characterized by the color of its light feathers and dazzling to the eye

Pastel shades are often due to mutations that create diluted colors. One of the main ways you can do that is by having a mauve body color.

4- How To Produce Rainbow Budgies

To produce a true or classic rainbow parrot, you will need to understand whether each mutation:

  • rare genetic trait
  • dominant
  • related to sex

4-1 Opaline

Likewise, opaline is a recessive trait. Opaline is also a sex-linked mutation, meaning the female should be visibly opaline.

However, the male can be visibly opaline or split for opaline.

4-2 Clearwing

Clearwing is a recessive trait, which means that both parents must carry the clearwing trait. They can be visibly clearwing or split for clearwing.

4-3 Blue

Blue is recessive, so both parents must be blue or split for blue.

4-4 Yellowface

Yellowface, no matter the variation, is recessive.

Both parents need to have the yellowface gene to show in their offspring.

Any yellowface variation is dominant to the goldenface variation, but all three are recessive to the wild type.

5- How Do You Get Rainbow Budgies?

Both parents need to be clearwing or split for clearwing.

– Male needs to be opaline or split for opaline.

– Both parents need to be blue or split for blue.

6- Are Rainbow Budgies Rare?

The rainbow budgie is not a rare Budgie like the lacewing, fallow, and saddleback

This is due to the high demand for these beautiful birds, so many breeders are seeking to produce many rainbow budgies.

7- How Much Do Rainbow Budgies Cost?

The price of a rainbow budgie varies between $40 and $100

8- Where to Buy a Rainbow Budgie

You can find rainbow Budgerigar in :

  • Bird shops
  • lost birds
  • Bird and animal protection organizations
  • Exhibitions


The rainbow bird is a small, adorable and friendly bird. It is the perfect pet for any family with children.

She doesn’t need a lot of space but she is very fun and will always be able to make you smile.

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