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If you’re like most people, you want to know why your budgie is scared of me.

You may wonder what you did wrong or if there’s anything you can do to change the situation.

In this article, we’ll explore why your budgie may be afraid of you, and we’ll give you some advice on how to alleviate those fears.

So please keep reading!

Reasons for my Budgie is scared of me?

There are a few reasons that your budgie may be scared of you.

Bad experiences in the past

If your budgie was owned before or you purchased from other breeders, Maybe they were traumatised in the past.

This could be from a previous owner who mistreated them or from an incident where they were injured.

If this is the case, giving them time to heal and trust you again is important.

It may take some patience, but eventually, they will come around.

Your Budgie doesn’t trust you.

Another possibility is that they’re not used to you yet.

If you just got your budgie or haven’t spent much time with them, they may be intimidated by you.

This is perfectly normal, and it just takes time for them to get used to you.

 Just be patient and give them some space; they’ll come around in no time.

You’re not paying attention to your budgie.

It’s also possible that your budgie is scared of you because you’re not giving them the attention they need.

Budgies are social creatures, and they need interaction to feel secure.

If you’re constantly working or away from home, they may feel neglected and become scared of you.

Make sure to spend some time with them daily, even for a few minutes.

Talk to them, play with them, and let them know that you’re there for them.

You’re being too rough with your budgie.

Another reason your budgie may be scared of you is that you’re being too rough with them. Budgies are delicate creatures and can easily get hurt if you’re not careful.

They may start to fear you if you’re constantly handling them roughly or pulling on their feathers.

Be gentle with them, and don’t handle them more than necessary.

You’re not providing enough for your budgie.

Lastly, your budgie may be scared of you because you’re not providing for their needs. Budgies need a clean cage, fresh food and water, and plenty of toys to stay happy and healthy.

They may become stressed and frightened if you’re not giving them what they need.

Now, after knowing the Reasons for my  Budgie being scared of me, What can I Do?

Ways to Alleviate Budgie Fears

You can do a few things to help your budgie feel more comfortable around you.

Spend time with your budgie

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First and foremost, you need to spend time with your budgie.

Talk to them, play with them, and let them get used to your presence. The more time they spend with you, the less scared they’ll be.

Assess the Fear

Once you’ve spent time with your budgie, you need to assess their fear. Are they afraid of being held? Are they scared of your hands? Or are they just generally intimidated by you?

Depending on the severity of their fear, you’ll need to take different steps to help them overcome it.

If they’re afraid of being held, try gently placing your hand in their cage and letting them get used to it.

Once they’re comfortable with your hand, you can try slowly moving it towards them.

If they start to back away, don’t force them. Just let them get used to your hand at their own pace.

If they’re scared of your hands, try wearing gloves when you’re around them. This will help them get used to your hands without fear.

can budgies talk

Once they’re comfortable with the gloves, you can slowly start taking them off.

Again, don’t force them. Just let them get used to your hands at their own pace.

Be gentle with your budgie

It’s important to be gentle with your budgie, physically and emotionally. Handle them carefully, and don’t shout or scream at them.

They’re delicate creatures, and they can easily get scared or hurt.

Show Him How to Step Up

Step up is an important command for budgies.

It helps them feel more comfortable around humans and allows you to handle them more easily.

If your budgie isn’t already trained to step up, take some time to teach them.

Provide for your budgie

Make sure you’re providing for your budgie’s needs.

Clean their cage regularly, give them fresh food and water, and provide them with plenty of toys.

A happy budgie is a less scared budgie.

What kind of toys do budgies like

Give your budgie some space.

Finally, give your budgie some space when they need it. If they’re feeling overwhelmed, let them have some time to themselves.

They’ll come back to you when they’re ready.

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Be Body Language Smart

Body language is the key to success when it comes to animal communication, and that includes budgies.

To get your budgie to like (and eventually love) you, it’s important to use positive body language around them.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to help your budgie overcome their fears.

Just be patient, be gentle, and spend time with them. They’ll come around eventually.

Related Questions

How do you bond with a scared budgie?

The best way to start bonding with your budgie is by sitting near the cage and talking to him softly. You can also try offering him some favorite foods as treats.

Once he’s comfortable with you, you can begin opening the cage door and offering your finger for him to step on.

You can build a trusting bond with your budgie with time and patience.

How long will it take for my budgie to trust me?

The time it takes for a budgie to trust you varies from bird to bird.

Some budgies may take weeks or months to fully trust their human companion, while others may bond relatively quickly.

The experiment owner says taming a budgie can take between 3 days to 6 weeks.

It depends on many factors, such as its inherent temperament, previous experience with humans, etc.


If your budgie is scared of you, don’t worry. With some patience and effort, you can help them overcome their fears.

Just be gentle with them, spend time with them, and provide for their needs. With time and patience, they’ll come to trust you.

We hope this article has helped you understand your budgie’s fear and how to deal with it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment or to contact us.

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