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Write for Us – English Budgie accepting Guest Post

English Budgie, where more than thousands of Budgie lovers go each day for unique, inspirational, problem-solving content that helps them take care of their lovely birds.

As a contributor for us, you will help the Budgie lover to keep their Budgie happiest, healthiest and getting a longer life span.

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Types of articles we accept :

  • How to
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Feeding
  • Guide
  • List based
  • Studies
  • Comparaison between Budgies
  • All related topic to Budgies Bird

Our Requirements :

  • Word count must be above +1200 words in length. (We’re looking for complete, full, articles)
  • Use Google Docs – provide a working share-link
  • Fluent English only. We do not accept articles riddled with grammatical errors.
  • Format your text correctly. Use H1, H2, H3.. tags properly. No large blocks of text.
  • Suggest AT LEAST 2-3 images within the post. Provide the source links for your suggested images.
  • Your submission must not be published anywhere else and totally unique, we test every submission.
  • Provide any sources for your images, quotes, and statistics.
  • Please include your biography and headshot with your submission.
  • NO promotional content – otherwise it will be considered a sponsored post – links to relevant blog posts and content is accepted.
  • 2-5 authority out-links! (links going out to authoritative sources like englishbudgie.com  or Wikipedia.org)
  • Provide a featured Image (High Definition – no blurry images!  1200x800px)

We may not respond to your submission if the guidelines above are not followed. In the rare case we do respond, we will request you rework your submission to follow all guidelines.

If you’re ready to pitch your ideas or submit your content, contact us at: Admin@englishbudgie.com

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