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About Zerguine Younes

I am a Technical Manager by the day and blogger by the night. Well, I don’t like to call myself a blogger, they are very analytical, do email marketing and know SEO and all. I don’t know any such things. I am a normal guy who has a 9 to 5 job and a couples of budgies.

I faced a lot of problems raising my first pet budgie and there was hardly any help on the internet. After learning all the things about budgies the hard way, I decided to start a blog and help out other budgies parents.


Apart from this, I love Instagram & Tiktok. I always wanted to be an Influencer but being an introvert I was never able to gain any popularity on Instagram. So around few weeks I started a page related to Parakeets care guide & i share with my followers amazing photos and videos about Budgies

And I also like traveling and occasional trekking. Being frank, now I am out of things to say about me (introvert alert, lol). Anyway, I would end this ‘About Me’ thing here. If you wanna get in touch feel free to drop me an email or DM on Instagram or Tiktok.