Full Budgie Poop Chart 2022

Budgie poop chart Budgie poop Guide

Budgie Poop Chart | Parrot Poop Chart We can distinguish healthy Budgie poop by five most important characteristics, which are : Colour: a budgie poop should consist of three parts, the feces should have an olive-green stool, a whitish urate and clear watery urine. Texture: Budgie poop is composed of three components “stool, urate, and … Read more

Budgie poop Guide For healthy Bird

Budgie poop chart Budgie poop Guide

The budgie poop guide is considered one of the most reliable indicators of the bird’s health. In this article we will explain all informations and cases about birds droppings. Budgie poop Guide What does a budgie’s healthy poop looks like? This question can be perplexing to people who adopt birds as pets for the first … Read more

What Do Budgies eat ? ( Complete Budgie Food List Guide )

Budgie Food List

Budgies has an appetite similar to that of a human, and these birds are distinguished by their diverse tastes. Can we feed a budgie food like any other pet? And is food related to the health of the bird?

Can we list a budgie food list to help us to know which food we can offer to our pet birds ?